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The Joy of Soap: A Gourmet Guide to Soapmaking


Jiggly Paul

Grab a bit of what you like, get up close and personal, and rub it all over until you’re completely satisfied.

In 1993 Kate Bush told us all about her Moments of Pleasure. In that song, she forgot to mention soap, but that’s only because Lush didn’t open its doors until a couple of years later in 1995. If Kate had walked into Lush instead of lying on a beach somewhere, we’re sure she’d have picked up some soap (probably Bohemian) and included that in her lyrics, sitting up all night talking about it instead of George the Wipe before running back up that hill the next morning to get some more!

Soap is what we do. It’s what we’re good at. It’s what we smell of!

We could tell you everything we’ve learned about soap over the years but to be honest it’s a bit of a soap opera and probably best left for another time. This moment (of pleasure) is all about letting you know how much we love soap and how much happiness we get from making and using it! Washing is something we all do every day so why not make it into something special? A moment of mindfulness, a moment of enjoyment, whether you have a friend helping to wash your back or you’re getting yourself into a lather, soap is so much more than just getting clean. For Lush it’s an art, it is art, little soapy sculptures bursting with beautiful ingredients with each bar destined to fulfil a specific purpose.

Marie Kondo says “only surround yourself with things that spark joy!”. Ask yourself when you last felt joy from using a boring chunk of ‘cleansing bar’ or pumping a bottle of hand wash? Didn’t think so. Life is short, so fill it with real soap for moments of pleasure every time you use them.

When it came to designing the new soaps as well as updating our old favourites, Queen of Soaps and Lush co-founder Mo Constantine says “Everything is thought about. From blending our own perfumes to establishing long-term relationships with ingredient growers and suppliers around the world, combine that with the expertise of our product chefs at the factory and creativity of the inventors - it’s taking the best bits of everything we do to create the ultimate range of soap.” It’s time to fall back in love with soap; getting clean is just a nice side effect!

Whether it’s olive, argan, or a blend of coconut and rapeseed, the oils are chosen to create a bespoke base for that specific soap. The essential oils making up the fragrance are chosen carefully and blended to match the mood of that soap. Using poppy seeds to exfoliate and add texture, whipping up the soap base to create meringue-like centres or juicing fresh oranges and lemons to add a burst of citrus, when you use Lush soap all the senses are involved, and just when you’re feeling like you fancy a change you’ve used it up and can move onto the next one!

The shapes are designed to fit perfectly in your hand and stand up on their edge waiting for you to pick up next time. They’re so appealing you may find your guests, grandchildren, and anyone lucky enough to be using your facilities spending more time washing with them! You’ll probably notice pleasurable sounds coming from the bathroom followed by shouts of ‘what are these bits in this soap?’

The current range is full of little master-pieces of soap, you’ll notice you start looking for opportunities to get dirty so you can use them again! (you don’t have to be dirty to use them, but it helps!)

If you’ve tried Lush soap in the past but have been away for a while then now’s the perfect time to re-introduce yourself and if you’re completely new to the range then what are you waiting for? Buy some now! Spark joy!

It’s time to fall back in love with soap; getting clean is just a nice side effect!